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Flowers Morocco, the online store specializing in the online sale of flowers in Morocco is happy to announce that the coastal city of El Jadida is one of the many cities and regions where home delivery is possible. Do you want to send a bouquet to your daughter, mother or wife while you are away? Do you live abroad and want to show your sincerity to a loved one during an event you cannot forget? Flowers Morocco to serve you.

The fortified city of El Jadida has its dedicated flower delivery

Flower delivery comes under several colours and scents with your site dedicated to selling flowers online throughout the Moroccan kingdom. You can order flowers to make a simple event, such as a birthday, a wonderful golden opportunity to conquer the heart of your spouse or friend.

Tender love message or friendly expression of your gratitude and congratulations are the personalized inscriptions that can accompany your flower delivery. All the information necessary to perfect your satisfaction will be taken seriously by our professionals committed to the success of your order.

The Atlantic coast now has a trusted partner to deliver all your desires.

Flowers-Morocco: more than a flower delivery, a trusted partner

- Whether you want to please your friends, your colleagues or your family, our flowers are there to brighten up any type of event. Rediscover the charm of trendy bouquets and the joviality of rustic colours to add pep to your ambiances and harmony in your decorations.
- At the office or at home your bouquet will be delivered safely to El Jadida and its coastal region to the delight of your loved ones. Make of
a simple moment of relaxation the illustration of your sincerity. Deploy the great game to seduce your wife and Flowers-Morocco will always be your trusted partner in these moments of intense choice in the kingdom of flowers.
- A bouquet and the romance starts over every day. An anniversary, a date not to be missed or a big family occasion and the opportunity presents itself to show love or
the mark of respect that your loved ones deserve. There are a thousand and one ways to prove the expression of your feelings throughout the year.
- Say yes to the floral charm in El Jadida and passion will spread its sweet fragrance in the Moroccan kingdom, starting with your city.
- Wherever you are, a sumptuous bouquet is just a few clicks away.

El Jadida, Flowers-Morocco comes to you

All desires to offer are named after flowers, the choice is yours!
- Our selection of flower arrangements and fresh as well as artificial plants can be found on all tables of honour and in all hands. Flowers-Morocco sets out to conquer all hearts to give a share of immediate happiness to all the gates of the kingdom. Trust
the quality of our site and its reliability to simplify the pleasure of offering.
- The chosen one of your heart will have a smile on their face when they receive a bouquet selected with passion and professionalism from across the country. Made the same day on the premises of one of our florist partners, the freshness and quality of the flowers are the criteria with which we do not
joke ... just like you with your feelings.
- A date, a bouquet, a heart conquered on all occasions!
- There are dreams in each of us. Flowers give them the place they should occupy each day, in one delivery.

Delivery time 7 days a week

Choose both the date and the time slot of your delivery !
If you order before 13 o'clock, you can opt for a same-day delivery. After this hour, please contact us to know whether it is still possible or not.

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Customize your gift

Customize your gift by adding something to your bouquet : a little note, a vase, or delicious chocolates...
We can also add other accessories by request.

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We wish you a warm welcome to our flower delivery service !

We offer a same-day flower delivery service in many cities of the Kingdom of Morocco for orders placed before 11 a.m. Our team delivers flowers at any date convenient for you, 7 days a week. ! We accept cash and online payments from Morocco and abroad.

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  • Highly functional website, it is very easy to proceed. I also like the live chat. The flowers are very beautiful. I will certainly reorder with extreme pleasure.
  • Very good service and quick answers to my questions. I am plainly satisfied.
  • The delivery was done on time as promised, the bouquet entirely corresponds to the picture on the website. The deliverer cleverly called to know the exact location of the person supposed to receive the bouquet, as the address was not clear enough. Thank you for everything.
  • The bouquet was magnificent. The team was very attentive and highly professional. I ordered a bouquet on an American website a few months ago and the process was the exact same. It's really awesome. Thank you, Flowers-Morocco.
  • The product looked just like the description. It was delivered on time. Order tracking is also on point.
  • They are very attentive to their customers’ needs. They are highly respectful of our orders, and also always provide with a highly friendly experience.
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