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The big day is set, you’re going to get married! You have fully invested yourself in this great project and you are fully aware that in the preparation of a wedding, flowers occupy a place of primary importance. In addition to evoking the beauties of nature and having an immediate decorative power, flowers make any event become special and festive. Indeed, one must admit, whatever the theme chosen, whether traditional, romantic, contemporary, rustic, glamorous, modern, lounge, refined ... the best way to give panache, colour and style to the wedding is to decorate with flowers. Even the most modest of reception rooms can take on typically exceptional looks!

Floral art has evolved a lot over the past ten years. Over the years, Flowers-Morocco has become a key player in floral wedding decorations in Rabat. You can entrust our team of experienced florists the noble task of making your wedding dream bloom. Our team is made up of competent staff, available enough to get involved in your preparations with seriousness and enthusiasm. We guarantee a floral decoration that meets your expectations and even beyond, so the flowers can contribute to the most beautiful symbols of your union. With the expert advice of our experts and their limitless creativity, you will be able to bloom the happiest day of your life!

Entrust to our professional florists!

The organization of an original wedding is generally a succession of discoveries for the bride and groom. It’s not every day that we set up an event of this magnitude and we realize, as we prepare, all the elements involved in this great day of celebration. Thus, we offer you the must-haves of services for your wedding in Rabat in terms of floral decoration. Flower arrangement is an art, and we have made it our job. We have a very competent team able to offer you very pretty arrangements as well as sublime floral decorations, from the town hall to the reception hall, including all the wedding’s floral accessories, such as bouquets, buttonholes ... Whatever style you imagine for your wedding, do not hesitate to tell our florists and ask them what comes to mind, so you can get a glimpse of all their creativity in relation to your expectations and your desires.

Unique bouquet and buttonhole for your wedding

Our professional florists in Rabat will create a unique floral arrangement for you as a bridal bouquet, well suited to your taste and to match your dress as it should. Classic bouquet or modern bouquet, with a touch of design or romance inspired by an English garden, chic or offbeat ... we make original arrangements, but always with respect for the professional ethics specific to the florists as it concerns the harmony of colours, blending of flowers ... but also and above all according to your expectations, so your bouquet will beautify you for this great day. We also ensure that the groom's buttonhole is a real touch of grace by matching it perfectly to the bride's bouquet, the chosen floral decoration, as well as all the rest of the theme. We also linger in the smallest details such as the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the buttonholes of witnesses and close relatives, the floral corsages ... so that everything is in perfect harmony.

The head of the procession will certainly be envious!

The wedding is this unforgettable day during which every detail counts! So, you can also mark the occasion in Rabat with a floral decoration which will beautify your car for this special day. If the choice of the vehicle in question may seem trivial, the floral decoration will be revealing of the style you will wish to give to your event, it is almost essential! We can take care of the complete decoration of your car for the occasion. Bouquet to be deposited lying on the hood with plume of flowers falling down, floral garlands located diagonally on the hood or scattered along the body, flowers to your wipers ... the flowers of the floral arrangements will always be chosen in depending on your wedding theme. Your car will be beautifully decorated with flowers, without touching the “gift wrap” effect!

Religious wedding or secular wedding, you can get married in bloom!

You have decided on a religious wedding in Rabat, what could be more beautiful than a religiously flowered wedding? We decorate the premises from the entrance to the altar where you will exchange your vows. Our team of florists is well experienced to beautify this ceremony rich in colours and emotions. If you opt for a secular wedding, our expert florists will take care of creating the ceremonial arch of your dreams. To say yes and deliver your wedding vows, what could be better than doing it under a beautiful decorated arch symbolizing your love? Thanks to the care of our team, the ceremonial arch will not stop at its decorative function, it will be a real window that opens onto a horizon of love and joy thus symbolizing your passage to a new stage of your life as a couple!

To make your wedding hall a magical setting

For your wedding hall, we offer table decorations, but also a total ambiance, so this day remains etched in all memories. Indeed, the reception hall is the wedding’s most important place. We adapt the floral staging according to your desires, your theme and your budget. Whatever theme you choose for your wedding, we ensure the floral decoration of your tables must be in perfect harmony with the ambiance you want to bring out: romantic, rustic, refined, colourful, vintage ... Each detail will be studied with our florists’ greatest care so your special day in Rabat is simply wonderful!

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