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Flowers have always been essential decoration elements for a dream wedding. Flowers always rhyme with happiness, but not only, they are also synonymous with elegance, refinement and romance. Chic or rustic, rural, bohemian… everyone has their own theme and the flowers that go with it! The floral decoration immediately highlights the style you have chosen for your big day.

For your wedding in Marrakesh, Flowers-Morocco has creative professional florists who have a great aesthetic sense to create an unforgettable flower decor. All desires are achievable, and it's the details that make all the difference! Whether you choose a floral decoration rich in vibrant colours, or more subtle variations, or why not all in monochrome, our specialists will take care to harmonize the whole, and because everything is also about consistency with your theme. The wedding is a unique moment, we carry out  your wedding’s floral decoration with a perfectly tailored service, according to your tastes and your desires, and under the wise advice of our professionals who will guide you in your choices.

So the floral ambiance of your wedding resembles you

Flowers bring joy and freshness to the decoration and are sufficient in themselves to decorate all the key elements of your wedding. Thanks to the great care of our florists, flowers will be your greatest symbol of unification. We adapt to all expectations to be able to fulfill your wildest desires of your wedding’s theme. Bouquet, buttonholes, floral corsage, carpet of flower petals ... will be made with the flowers you have previously chosen. Our team will also add a creative touch, unique to all floral arrangements, for this special day! When the floral decoration is successful, the wedding day remains in everyone’s memories, your guests and of course yours.

Our team will be your best ally for a beautiful wedding

To flower your wedding in Marrakesh, our team of artisan florists handles peonies, hydrangeas, roses ... and assembles them to perfectly adapt the floral decoration to all your desires. From the bridal bouquet to the reception tables, we take full charge of your wedding’s floral decoration. Convinced that each event deserves a setting at its level, the entire Flowers-Morocco team puts its know-how and expertise at your wedding’s service and creates for you a unique and particular decor. Classic, romantic, elegant, or sophisticated, we adapt to your desires and imagine with you, scenes and floral arrangements reflecting the essence of your story. Our expert florists leave no detail to chance and travel throughout Marrakesh.

A dose of balance and a touch of creativity for your wedding!

We study your wedding project together and advise you on a custom floral decoration with bouquets of seasonal flowers according to your tastes and expectations. We adapt to your colour palette to match it with the places and make decorations specific to your wedding, and again, so the whole reflects your story. We imagine for you a unique and personalized decor: bridal bouquets, floral wreaths, centerpieces ... everything can be done! We offer the staging of an exceptional day made to measure in every detail. Our florists’ rigorous sense of detail shines in their style, original and poetic, with the freshest and most beautiful flowers. For your biggest day in Marrakesh, our experts will listen to you and respond to your desires. With their arrangements, their staging and all their achievements, they will completely transport you to an enchanted world for your wedding!

Nature will wear its best outfit for this special day

Romantic, modern or rustic, colourful, pastel or white ... we offer you our most beautiful inspirations for a wedding in full bloom. Our florists support you to illuminate the happiest day of your life! The flowers will fully participate in your wedding in Marrakesh, and will mark everyone’s memories. An exceptional floral decoration, the thousand scents of flowers, not to mention the colours ... nature will be part of this fabulous memory! Whether it is a civil, secular or religious union ... Whether the ceremony takes place in a hall, a castle or a garden, the floral decoration will witness your emotions and set the tone for this unforgettable day.

For a table setting that will mark the memories

As for the table decor, a key element of the wedding, it will be a skilful mixture of refined arrangements, an atmosphere: whether your desires be simple with a few candles and a link passing through a tablecloth embellished with glitter, petals, or other traces, or some verrines with florets, or whether your desires are more ambitious, we will put our creativity at the service of your desires! If you don't yet have specific ideas for your floral decoration theme, you can take inspiration from our many arrangements rivalling poetry. The most difficult for you will be to choose among all these wonders! But rest assured, our team will give you invaluable advice on choosing the flowers and arrangements you need, and guide you to achieve a floral decoration that suits you perfectly.

From the bouquet to the rest of the decoration…

We can assure you a complete and tailor-made service for your Marrakesh wedding’s floral decoration. From the bouquet to the table decoration, including the decoration of the religious temple and the reception area, flowers will be everywhere to bring their exhilarating touch of colour, perfume and poetry to the celebration. They will be beautiful in the hands of the bride and they will marvelously match the whole decor of your wedding thanks to the know-how and experience of our entire team.

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